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Founded more than 10 years ago, Intuiware Ltd. was among the first companies to start developing for the SAP Business Technology Platform in Hungary. Our leading colleagues have over 15 years of experience in developing custom software, and we selected our team members carefully to make sure we always deliver software of exceptional quality, right on time. Our clients include the 3rd largest logistics company in Europe, the largest IT services provider in Central-Eastern Europe, and we have a close relationship with SAP Hungary as well.

Our aim is to create beautiful and intuitive software that helps its users achieve their goals within the shortest time possible. Our philosophy is that good software is almost „transparent”, never in the way, just helps to do your job and advance with your tasks as quickly as possible.

Another aspect is that in our rapidly changing enterprise environment companies can’t afford to spend years on expensive software projects with questionable results. Many times software has to be designed and implemented within just a few months with constant feedback and changes if necessary during the implementation. Our team is agile and flexible enough for such tasks, and we have access to key technologies to realize your software projects within the timeframe that is available.

Since we’re located in Hungary, we work on competitive prices, even as low as half of their Western-European counterparts – all while maintaning the same quality of work and expertise. We always aim for a long term cooperation with our partners, and support software developed by us until the end of its life cycle.

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