Here is why you should consider outsourcing some of your development projects to Hungary

With the growing scarcity of good, skilled programmers and an also growing rate of inflation/increasing salaries, IT leaders may be looking for new strategies to navigate these challenges. A useful strategy may be outsourcing parts or the whole of programming projects to Hungary. But why may it be worth it?

1. Way better prices

Let’s get down and dirty and talk about money first. We all make our living from money, and cost-cutting in IT is an important issue. The daily fee your subcontractors are asking for could be only half in Hungary. If somebody offered to cut the cost of your project to half with no catches, would you take them up on that offer? You would, I’m sure.

2. A wide selection of well-prepared professionals

Students in Hungary are on par with students from Western European countries in PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) tests. This means the education system and quality of professionals trained in Hungary match those of your country.

3. Similar cultural background

In certain workplace situations, a big cultural gap can cause unwanted friction and misunderstandings in communication. The bigger the project the more important the quality of communication is. Hungary shares a culture and history very similar to Western European countries, which greatly improves the prospect of less friction and better communication.

4. Legal accountability

Should something go wrong, legal accountability is a big issue. Since Hungary is also a part of the European Union, it makes doing business safer and greatly increases the chance of legal accountability.

Considering the above, the next time you are looking for external resources or subcontractors for your project, why not consider hiring a Hungarian team? You can easily test their skills on a pilot project and deepen cooperation if you’re satisfied with the results. And while we’re here, we happen to know a team that’s ready to help you with your custom software development and SAP BTP projects. Yes, that’s us. Let us know if we can help.

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