Here are 5 ways the SAP Business Technology Platform can help you as an IT leader

Let’s say you have some spare BTP licenses lying around in your company. Or you’re looking for a platform for your next custom development project. Or you may just be wanting to know more about the platform.

Although barely 10 years old, SAP is doing everything in its power to turn the SAP Business Technology Platform into a swiss army knife of different useful technologies. Let’s see 5 ways your company may be able to benefit from these developments.

1. SAP’s current strategy is to keep core systems (i.e. S/4HANA) clean and do as many custom developments as possible on the Business Technology Platform. All applications developed in BTP fit into the SAP ecosystem: with their UI5 front-ends, you won’t even notice whether you’re in the core system or in the custom application running on BTP. And the good news is that you’re not limited to developing for existing SAP systems only. If you are looking for a flexible cloud platform to develop any kind of custom software you’re good to go with BTP. It’s a viable option for even big custom development projects, not just small or mid-size ones.

2. BTP is a useful tool for integrating existing SAP and non-SAP systems. Because of its capabilities, you can easily put custom logic in the integration layer as well. It will also help you do your integrations easily, with a low amount of code, in the shortest possible time. 

3. You may use BTP to further optimize work-flows in your current SAP systems. For example, colleagues may be entering data S/4HANA on 10 different screens, with only a few fields on each screen. You can use BTP to create a custom application where all required data is entered on a single screen. There are a lot of possibilities for rethinking current processes and saving time.

4. Creating mobile apps with BTP is a breeze. All the UI5 controls are optimized by default for all screen sizes (desktop, tablet or mobile) and you can even use the platform’s tools to publish your app in the App/Play Store. A real-life example here would be developing a quick custom app to receive push notifications on your phone from the core SAP systems, or for viewing a summary of certain data and displaying reports on the phone.

5. BTP is not just a development platform but also a collection of several useful tools. If you want to connect sensors to your applications, you have SAP’s IoT Platform as a part of BTP. If you want to use machine learning for a project, it’s within BTP. If you want to use other intelligent technologies like RPA or chatbots, it’s also in the platform. BTP has various tools for business analytics and you can also gain access to the HANA database with fast in-memory access – a useful tool for even big datasets.

As you can see, there are many ways BTP could benefit your company. We are experts in BTP with over 6 years of experience with the platform. If you are considering doing your next project on BTP, we can help you with a free consultation to explore the possibilities together and find the best solution for your needs. Let us know!

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